Welcome to the 2017 Piedmont Pilgrimage



The Piedmont Division of the National Model Railroad Association welcomes you to the 15th year of the Piedmont Pilgrimage, the hobby's premier model railroad open house tour.  Fifteen years ago twelve layouts were on tour.  This year four of those layouts remain on the tour as part of 67 total layouts. The tour provides an opportunity to visit outstanding model railroad layouts of all sizes and scales.  The Piedmont Pilgrimage offers something for everyone.


Each host brings his or her vision to their railroad empire.  The question is what will you see when you visit a layout?  Your first impression usually includes the overall scope or size of the layout.  As you study the layout further, you take in the scenery, benchwork, layout design, track work or some other details of the railroad.  Then you start to notice structures, motive power, passenger or freight cars, bridges, mountains, tunnels, freight yards, engine servicing facilities, industrial sidings, or passenger stations.  If you sharpen your focus, you will see amazing details: manhole covers in the street, fire plugs, trees, rocks, grass, and underbrush. You may see telephone poles with wires attached, autos, trucks, and streetcars.  You may also see wildlife, birds, dogs and cats. You can see amusing interactions among people.  Oh, so much to see!  When you visit a layout keep an open mind.  Each host’s vision allows you to travel the world -sometimes taking you back in time.  It is truly amazing!


Our hosts have worked hard to build their layouts and they are excited to show you their accomplishments.  Please respect the time and effort they have put forth and remember to look, enjoy, ask questions, and take photos.  Please do not touch the models and while we encourage you to bring children, make sure they understand the rules and do not touch the layout.

Information about the tour schedule and layouts is available at the Pilgrimage website (www.piedmontpilgrimage.com) or in the Piedmont Pilgrimage Tour Booklet available at hobby shops and other venues.  Please visit your local hobby shops for supplies and expert advice because they support the Piedmont Pilgrimage and the hobby.

On behalf of the members of the Piedmont Division and the Pilgrimage committee we look forward to seeing you on the tour.

Gary Jarabek

Chairperson Piedmont Pilgrimage