Steve Austin's Elkhorn Iron & Timber Co RR (EI&TCo) (On30)

Over 5 Years on Tour
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Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 9:00am

Important Note: For 2020, there will be no "open house", in-person layout tours.  All Piedmont Pilgrimage tours will be "virtual", video-only tours.

Layout Description:

The EI&TCo. is a 1947-era backwoods railroad featuring logging, sawmilling, steel manufacturing, coal mining and many of the ancillary industries necessary to make this all work. Scenery, scratch built structures, and motive power are my specialties.

The heavily wooded sawmill peninsula includes an engine servicing facility, river, log dump and sawmill. The scratch built sawmill is 12” x 32” x 15” high. The mill complex includes the power house, slash burner, conveyors, lumber stacks, water tanks and the small village. The steel mill complex covers an area 30” deep by almost 17 feet long. The highly detailed harbor scene, including numerous boats and small freighters, at the layout entrance covers an area 7’ by 8’ (see the photo section!).

The layout has been featured in the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette and the On30 Annual as well as Scale Rails and Model Railroader.

My scratch built On30 Shay won 1st place at the Piedmont Division and the Southeast Region train shows in 2000.  It also won 2nd place at the NMRA National at San Jose with 113 points.

The 336 sq ft Elkhorn expansion features a fully automated interchange with the original 560 sq ft purpose-built layout room. Both spaces feature double deck railroading. The expansion includes several waterfront scenes. The approximately 7'x3' Upatoi Creek includes a boatyard scene with a shrimp boat in for repairs and maintenance as well as an automated shuttle train serving the numerous scratch built/extensively kit bashed enterprises along the Creek. A 6'x3' rail-served riverfront scene includes extensive docking facilities capable of handling 4-6 craft simultaneously.


The expansion spotlights a highly detailed (they are all highly detailed ) 2'x4' welding shop, welding services and scrap metal salvage complex. A well-detailed 3-stall engine house with turntable and machine shop is the next planned construction project.

Scale: On30
Size 17' x 32' plus 14' x 27' expansion
Prototype Freelanced
Locale Southern Appalachian Mountains
Era 1947
Layout Style Walk-in, double deck
Len. Mainline 250'
Layout Height 34" & 50"
Benchwork Open grid
Roadbed 2" styrofoam sub roadbed
Trackwork Micro Engineering code 83 weathered flex track, with modified Peco code 83 turnouts
Turnout Min #4
Min Radius 22"
Maximum Grade 2.5%
Scenery Large room is 95% complete; new expansion room is 35%
Backdrop Painted drywall, with coved corners, mountains and clouds
Digitrax duplex radio control with 6 power districts. Interchange with the new room is via an automated wye.
Wheelchair Accessible No