Perry Lamb's Utah, Colorado & Western [Kennesaw, GA] (HO)

Layout Tour Dates

Sunday, November 21, 2021 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm
In-person tour of an indoor model railroad. Host REQUIRES THAT GUESTS AGE 12 AND OVER MUST BE VACCINATED FOR COVID-19. In addition, ALL GUESTS MUST BRING & WEAR A FACE MASK while on the property.
Utah, Colorado & Western [Kennesaw, GA]
4034 Palisades Main, NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144-5725
Over 5 Years on Tour
Contact Information
Perry Lamb
Wheelchair Accessible: 
Accessibility Note: 
Paved sloping walkway to basement entrance. Even with a walkway, it is recommended that an assistant would be needed to keep a wheelchair under control.
Layout Details

The video above is a replay from our 2020 "virtual" Piedmont Pilgrimage.

For 2021, this will be an in-person tour of this indoor model railroad. 

Layout Description:

A currently under construction operations oriented layout featuring a long main line run with heavy freight and passenger service. Steam runs from time to time on fan trips.

Scale HO
Size 43X14 Feet
Prototype Freelanced
Locale Western US
Era Today
Layout Style Walk around the walls Two levels
Len. Mainline About 300 feet
Layout Height 48 to 60 inches
Benchwork Grid and L girder
Roadbed Cork
Trackwork Code 83 flex
Turnout Min. 6 in yards and 8 on main
Min. Radius 30" on Main, 24 on industrial trackage
Maximum Grade 3%
Scenery 25%
Backdrop Painted wallboard and hardboard
Controls Lenz DCC


1.I-75 North to exit 273. At the top of the exit ramp turn Left on to Wade Green Road.

2.At the third traffic light, turn Right on to Jiles Road.

3.Go straight through one traffic light.

4.Go over the railroad track bridge (CSX Main).

5.Go straight through a second traffic light.

6.Turn Right on to Legacy Park Blvd.

You will see a large white house on the Right. You will go through a set of large gates. A large collection of trees will be in the center of Legacy Park Main at the entrance.

7.Turn Left on Legacy Park Circle (clockwise).

Legacy Park Circle travels in a complete circle.

8.Turn Left on Palisades Main.

Palisades is the Second subdivision on the Left as you travel clockwise around Legacy Park Circle.

9.4034 is the eighth house on the Right. (You will see a three-car garage as you drive up the hill, that garage is ours.)