Norman and Ann Lundin's Elkriver Railroad (HO), Elkriver Garden Railroad (G)

Over 5 Years on Tour
Contact Information
Norman and Ann Lundin
635 Sullivan Rd.
Newnan, GA 30265
Wheelchair Accessible: 
Accessibility Note: 
Garden railroad wheelchair accessible only. Terrain is Grass and stone base driveway.



HO (indoors) G (outdoors)


HO 25’ x 44’ G 65’ x 32’


Burlington Northern, modern logging branch


Coos Bay to Grants Pass, OR


1970 to present, with historic steam and 1st gen diesel fan trips.


Modern logging operation and related forest product industries. Point to point, with 2 long branches. Two staging areas.

Len. of Mainline

Approx 120’ plus branches

Layout Height

36” to 62”


1 x 4 grid, ½” plywood with homosote or foam board


Cork on main, direct on branches and yards


Code 83, mains, code 83 and 70 in yards. Peco, Atlas, Shinahara, Micro Engineering


Mostly #6, #8s when necessary, only 3 #4 left at waterfront. Peco, Atlas, Micro Engineering. Hand throws and Tortouse

Min. Radius

36” on all mains and spiral. Larger when possible.

Maximum Grade

2% in spiral and branch lines


Plaster on screen, hydrocal on Styrofoam, hardened drywall compound, Woodland scenics foam, hand made trees and kits, real dirt from CO and OR Approx 50% complete


Drywall painted, Masonite in curved sections. All areas so far hand painted. One area has printed backdrop.


Digitrax, 6 modules and 8 subareas. G scale is Airwire 900


The ERR (HO) is a modern logging railroad depicting the Cascade Mts of Oregon, from Coos Bay to Grants Pass. Coos Bay is a major intermodal port and Amtrak destination. Logging happens in the mountains at Camp #6 near Eagles Nest and is transported to the paper mill, lumber mill, and plywood mill. Processed paper and lumber is shipped out through both ends (CB and GP). Coos Bay has a small shipyard, gravel export by barge, and grain export facilities. Unit coal trains arrive at the power plant, unit grain trains to the flour mill, and intermodal trains between CB and GP. Wendy Hollow is the future home of the large steam museum with all the required service facilities. Planned, but may not be complete for the open house is a cannery complex and fishing village at Gold Beach in my new office area. GN, BN, BNSF, UP, SP make up most of the diesel roster, however the steam engines are from various roads. There is one duck-under to see the main part of the layout. (48” clear).

The ERR garden railroad (G) has 3 loops and a 2% grade connecting line. It has a waterfall, small pond with 3 large Koi. It forms around a 200 year old Oak tree within a vehicle turnaround area. One trestles and 2 bridges cross the pond. Power is Bridgeworks and Airewire 900 battery power. BN, BNSF, B&O, SF, UP, D&RGW, C&S is all represented. Most structures are 1:29 but narrow gauge structures have been acquired and loosely fit in.


From Atlanta take I-85 south to exit 51 (Rt 154) turn left and procede to Thomas Crossroads (approx 3 miles).  Turn right on Rt 34, easing toward the left lane (approx 2 miles) to the next light.  Turn left onto Sullivan Rd (between the Rite-Aide and Bank) and go 0.7 miles.  Look for a long white fence on your left. Our driveway is just past the end of the fence at the green mailbox. Park on the grass on your right.  Follow the signs past the garden railroad around to the lower entrance to the HO layout.