Jim Rogers's Cumberland Sub (HO)

Over 5 Years on Tour
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Scale: HO
Size: 12' X 30',  11' X 20,  3' X 8' and 3' X 10'
Prototype: B&O, Baltimore to Cincinnati.  With branches to West Virginia Pulp and Paper Mill and B&O/NYC in Charleston, WV.  Selective freelance as needed.
Locale: Baltimore to Cincinnati
Era: Early to mid 60's
Style: Walk around, shelf with peninsula, point to point with reversing loops at each end
Len. of Mainline: 200'
Layout Height: 43" to 54"
Benchwork: L-girder
Roadbed Cork glued to homasote
Trackwork: Atlas flex, code 100
Turnouts: Atlas #6 mainline, #4 elsewhere
Min Radius: 30 inch on mainline. Elsewhere, depends on what is needed.
Maximum Grade: 3%
Scenery: 98%
Backdrop: Masonite down the peninsula and corners. Sheet rock down the walls. Painted with latex and acrylic paint.
Controls: DCC Digitrax
Wheelchair Accessible No