Howard Goodwin, MMR's Great Cypress Lines (HO)

Over 5 Years on Tour
Contact Information
Howard Goodwin, MMR
Operating Group: 
North Atlanta Rail Barons

Layout Tour Dates

Saturday, November 7, 2020 - 9:00am

Important Note: For 2020, there will be no "open house", in-person layout tours.  All Piedmont Pilgrimage tours will be "virtual", video-only tours.

Layout Description:

The Great Cypress Lines is a point to point Class 2 railroad existing during the Transition Era encompassing the years 1940-1970. While it does not exist in any particular recognizable geographic area, it represents the area of the Southeastern United States. Cities are named for family and friends. Built for operations, the railroad is run several times a year by my Operating Group, the North Atlanta Rail Barons, as well as several other Operating Groups in the Atlanta area. Scenery is at least 75 % complete at this writing.

Scale HO
Size 13' x 32' with two staging yards in adjacent garage.
Prototype Freelanced
Locale Southeastern U.S.
Era Transition
Style Folded over dogbone
Len. of Mainline 250'
Layout Height 48"
Benchwork Open Grid
Roadbed Homabed, Cork
Trackwork Code 83 mainline with some hand laid code 83 & code 70.
Turnout Min #8 Mainline, #6 Industrial some hand laid
Min. Radius 28"
Maximum Grade 2%
Scenery Foam, Hardshell - at least 75% complete
Backdrop 1/8" Hardboard (Masonite), coved in all corners
Controls Digitrax Radio DCC

Wheelchair Accessible

Yes - Narrow aisles