George Bloodworth's L & K Railroad (HO)

Pilgrimage Pioneer Over 5 Years on Tour
Contact Information
George Bloodworth
Scale HO
Size 38' X 22'
Prototype Pennsylvania, B & O
Locale Maryland, West Virginia & Pennsylvania
Era 1950 - 1960's
Layout Style Folded dogbone
Len. of Mainline 180' X 2 (tracks)
Layout Height 42"" to 50""
Benchwork Open grid
Roadbed Cork
Trackwork Walthers code 83
Turnout Min No. 6 mainline, No. 4 yards
Min Radius 28"", 24"" hidden
Maximum Grade 2%
Scenery 10% complete
Backdrop Sky with clouds
Contols Digitrax radio DCC with Soundtraxx
Wheelchair Accessible Yes - Very steep initial slope