Dr. Joe Nichols Sr., MMR's Delta Southern Railroad (HO)

Pilgrimage Pioneer Over 5 Years on Tour
Contact Information
Dr. Joe Nichols Sr., MMR

Layout Tour Dates

Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 9:00am

Important Note: For 2020, there will be no "open house", in-person layout tours.  All Piedmont Pilgrimage tours will be "virtual", video-only tours.

Layout Description:

The Delta Southern Railroad of Dr. Joe Nichols, Sr., MMR, includes hand laid track, operating signals, four freight yards, and many passenger trains. A color camera in a Proto 1000 RDC enables the operator to get an engineer's eye view of the layout while operating from a mockup of an SD40-2 control stand. The Delta Southern's latest addition is an industrial switching area featuring more than 70 buildings - almost all are scratch built. Joe Sr.'s specialty is close detail work. A must-see for beginners and veterans of the hobby. 

Scale HO
Size 24' x 48'
Prototype Numerous roads represented
Era Runs steam and diesel
Trackwork Hand laid, Code 70
Turnout Min. 152 scratchbuilt turnouts each built to fit a specific location

Dispatcher panel using DCC power. Mainline blocks controlled by 75 scratch built signals.

Wheelchair Accessible No