David Gaines's O Scale Layout [South Fulton, GA] (O)

Layout Tour Dates

Saturday, November 20, 2021 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm
In-person tour of an indoor model railroad. Host REQUIRES THAT ALL GUESTS BRING AND WEAR A FACE MASK while on their property.
O Scale Layout [South Fulton, GA]
467 Boxelder Rd
Atlanta, GA 30349
Over 5 Years on Tour
Contact Information
David Gaines
Wheelchair Accessible: 
Layout Details

The video above is a replay from our 2020 "virtual" Piedmont Pilgrimage.

For 2021, this will be an in-person tour of this indoor model railroad. 

Layout Description:

The layout is a freelanced hybrid of 2-Rail and 3-Rail O scale and the era is roughly from the late 1950's to the present.  The layout has two levels, a double mainline (lower) and a branch line (upper).  Most of the motive power is diesel, but steam engines are on the rise that were significant to the earlier era of the layout. The layout is spread across two rooms.  One would say the layout has features of the Pennsylvania Railroad as it relates to scenery and significant elements.  The 4 main road names represented on the layout are the PRR, N&W, C&O, and B&O.  However, in the "family" of the PRR, you will also see some NYC, PC, Conrail, on into the modern era with Norfolk Southern and CSX. 

The main room, 3-Rail O Scale, features a 6-track yard and coal tipple. In the works is a steel mill.  There is a small town reminiscent of one in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Ohio.  There also is a small farm area that travelers pass as they are going into town or to work in the mill.  A signaling system is also in the works.  Though operations will be limited, this is being added for another element of detail.  Some of the structures are lit, but due to ongoing work others have to be moved around, which prohibits the lighting commitment.  Summertime is the season.  Overall scenery work in the main room is about 60% complete. 

Lastly the upper level or branch-line, from the main train room, is extended into the neighboring room. The second room also has an upper level featuring a small 2-Rail O Scale layout and is set in the fall.  The room itself is about 11' x 12' and is nothing more than an "ovalish" single track line with a few spurs.  To somewhat extend the layout I have utilized a 4' x 8' closet to house a switching area.  The 2-Rail section of the layout features a roundhouse/turntable and a small town.  Scenery elements have been started, but there is about 50% more work to do to give the layout the illusion of being completed. 


 2-Rail & 3-Rail O Scale


 25' x 15’ main room and 11' x 12' extension








 Around the room

Len. of Mainline

 Approximately 200’

Layout Height

 2.8’ from floor to mainline

 3.5’ from floor to branchline


 5/8” plywood on 2x4 framing


 Cork by Model Power and foam by Woodland Scenics


 Atlas 2 & 3 Rail Track and Switches


 Mostly Atlas 072 (3-Rail) and #5 (2-Rail)

Min. Radius

 054 curves (3-rail) and 36" (2-rail)

Maximum Grade



 60% complete (main room)

 50% complete (extension)


 Photo and Painted


 MTH DCS/Lionel Legacy CC.  2 rail section - NCE, DCC

Wheelchair Accessible




From I-285 South, take South Fulton Parkway until it intersects with Derrick Road.  At Derrick Road make left.  Stay on Derrick Road and then make right onto Upper Elm Road into subdivision called High Grove.  Once you have entered subdivision, make your first left onto Boxelder Road.  The layout is located at 467 Boxelder Road, which will be the second house on the right.