Chris White's British Railways Waterloo/Wessex [Roswell, GA] (OO) and UP Yellowstone North (HO)

Layout Tour Dates

Sunday, November 14, 2021 - 11:00am to 3:00pm
In-person tour of TWO indoor model railroads. Host REQUIRES THAT GUESTS AGE 12 & OVER SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION FOR COVID-19. In addition, ALL GUESTS MUST BRING & WEAR A FACE MASK while on the property.
British Railways Waterloo/Wessex [Roswell, GA] (OO) and UP Yellowstone North
290 Chason Wood Way
Roswell, GA 30076
Pilgrimage Pioneer Over 5 Years on Tour
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Chris White
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Chattahoochee Express
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Layout Details

The video above is a replay from our 2020 "virtual" Piedmont Pilgrimage.  That video only features Chris' Union Pacific layout.

For 2021, this will be an in-person tour of both of these indoor model railroads in one location. 

Layout Descriptions:


The Waterloo to Wessex Line, part of the Southern Region of British Railways, is an HO/OO single level “point-to-point” layout with hidden areas to provide continuous operation.   You will have the opportunity to see an OO layout set in the English countryside with English steam engines with express Pullman passenger cars, slow commuter passenger trains, and various “goods” trains (freight trains) operating between Waterloo in London and the southwest coast of England.  The layout , with very detailed scenery, is fully  complete with a variety of English village and country scenes, including stations, churches, gardens, allotments, farms, village streets, canals, and pubs. This English layout was published in the May 2018 edition of Model Railroader.




20 ft by 16 ft with fiddle yard (staging) in adjacent workshop.


British Railways, Southern Region.  London to the southwest.


Southern England


May 1960


Single level point to point with hidden areas to allow continuous operation – both 2 and 4 track mainline.


Mainly 2x4 structure of unique design.


Peco 100



Min. Radius

24-in minimum radius on mainline.


100% complete with highly detailed English countryside.

Buildings and Bridges

Either scratch built or Hornby Skaledale.


DCC. North Coast Engineering.  Many of the locomotives have sound.

Wheelchair Accessible



This layout is freelance, based on the assumption that Union Pacific constructed a spur starting at Green River and terminating just south of Yellowstone National Park, through the western mountain ranges of Wyoming.  The main purpose of the branch line is to transport passengers from all over the country to Yellowstone prior to completion of interstates and the increased use of road transportation in the family car.  In addition there are a number of  small towns serviced by various local freight trains to a variety of different industries.   The layout also includes a large passenger terminal at Yellowstone South and a large yard, also at Yellowstone.

The layout was designed principally for operations – with two decks and a helix – and with wider aisles and plenty of opportunities for operations.  The track work is 100% complete and scenery is approximately 20% complete. About 60-70% of the structures are complete. The backdrops are 80% complete and are multiple photographs taken on site in Wyoming and made into stunning backdrops by a local sign company.




22 ft by 14 ft – double deck with helix


Union Pacific - transition period


Green River to South Yellowstone, Wyoming.


Transition period – mid 1950’s to early 1960’s.


Two track mainline with UP passing tracks

Mainline Length:

190 ft excluding helix

Layout height:

Lower level 38-in, Upper level 59-in


Open grid with 1x4s on 16-in centers, ½-in plywood, 1 ½ by 1 ½ supports.


Upper bench level is “hung” with rods from the roof joists.


California Roadbed – Homabed 60 deg.


Code 83 Shinohara with DCC friendly switches, all installed with spikes into Homabed


Walthers Shinohara code 83 with spikes

Minimum Radius: 

No. 4’s in yards.

Maximum grade:

1 ½% in helix


75% complete


Upson Board painted blue.


Digitrax DCC wireless



Chason Wood Way is in "The Estates" sub-subdivision of the "Horseshoe Bend on the Chattahoochee" sub-division on Holcomb Bridge Road in East Roswell. Holcomb Bridge Road is Exit 7 on Ga. 400 (Exit 7A to Norcross to the right coming from the South.)
The entrance to Horseshoe Bend is approximately 2.6 miles east of Ga. 400 or eight traffic lights. The entrance road is Steeplechase Drive, well signposted on Holcomb Bridge Road. This is on the right hand side if you are coming from Ga. 400.

The entrance to The Estates is the second road to the right (approximately 1 mile) - River Cliff Drive. Travel on River Cliff Drive, go through a Stop sign, and then take the first road on the right. This is Chason Wood Way. Number 290 is on the left hand side up a slight hill. It may be best to go the end of the cul-de-sac and park on the right in front of 290.

If you should be coming from the east on Holcomb Bridge Road, Steeplechase Drive is approximately 1.1 mile west of Nesbit Ferry Road. (Holcomb Bridge Road is the westerly extension of Jimmy Carter Boulevard - or Ga. 140.)