Bill Raymond's New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Central RR (N)

Over 5 Years on Tour
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Scale: N
Size: 25' X 28'
Prototype: NYC, PRR and B&O
Locale: Mid Central US (primarily Ohio)
ERA: 1950's to 1960's
Style: Linear Walk around
Length of Mainline: 202 ' or 6.11 Scale Miles
Latout Height: 49"" to 57""
Benchwork: L-Girder with Box Grids
Roadbed: Cork over Plywood or Foam
Trackwork: Peco Code 80
Turnouts: Most handmade, #8 for Mainline , # 5 for Yards/Industrial
Min Radius: 16""
Maximum Grade: 2.1%
Scenery: Hardshell/Foam 40% complete
Backdrop: Painted Hardboard
Controls: Digitrax DCC (wireless)
Wheelchair Accessible Yes

The New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Central RR is a mythical merger of the New York Central, Pennsy and B&O railroads, and is set primarily in Ohio. The layout is designed for operations and the track plan is essentially a single track mainline with passing sidings and hidden staging yards at each end. The average train length is 20 to 25 cars. Construction of the layout started in September 2006 and the Golden Spike was driven in September 2010. The Peco turnouts originally used in the layout are being slowly replaced with scratch built turnouts. To date 100 of the 127 turnouts have been built and installed. The most notable changes since last year is the expansion of the sceniced portions of the layout.